Recording and Information Processing

When you host a meeting or run a consultative process, you need all key concepts, discussions, and actions captured and converted into coherent and objective summaries or reports.

AAA WordSmith has over 15 years experience recording and processing information in a broad range of topics and contexts.

We specialize in producing accurate, readable records of business meetings and planning and consultative processes.

Flexible solutions to your recording and information processing needs

Let AAA WordSmith record and write-up the proceedings of your meetings and consultations. We deliver accurate, concise, and logically-organized records of group discussions, decisions, and actions.

We'll work with you to determine the content, focus, and presentation of the final product.

We offer a comprehensive range of recording and information processing services:

Analyses and reports

We analyse information gathered in planning and consultative processes and prepare reports and recommendations for your targeted audience.

Business meetings

We record informal, formal, or in-camera meetings and produce minutes of decisions, actions, and discussions.


We record dynamic and complex group consultation processes and produce summaries and reports of the proceedings.


We produce quick and accurate transcripts from audio and visual recordings of interviews, meetings, conferences, and consultations.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your meetings and planning and consultative processes.