Your documents and information products are a big part of your public profile. You need to be absolutely confident of their high quality before you release them to your readers.

AAA WordSmith is committed to excellence in documentation. All our information products are written and produced to our own exacting standards. We apply these same high standards to your documents when we review and edit existing material.

Flexible responses to your editing needs

Let AAA WordSmith review and edit your documentation.

Count on us for a meticulous and professional approach. We'll make sure your documents are free of mistakes, consistent in style and format, and audience-focused.

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We offer a comprehensive set of editing services:

Developmental (substantive) editing

We assist you in the design and development of your writing project from planning your proposal through polishing your final document.

Structural editing

Let us analyze and organize your manuscript for overall coherence, logic, structure, usability, and completeness of content.

Stylistic editing

We work with you to clarify your meaning, target language and reading level, eliminate jargon, and modify information design.

Copy editing

We review documents for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, consistency of style, headings, pagination, front and back pages, and placement of graphics.


Before your document is published, we'll review it and correct errors in text, layout, and visual elements, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation, headings, pagination, cross-references, placement of figures and tables, and table of contents.

Subject matter

Working with existing content or writing new material, we produce documents in a wide range of general and specialized subject areas.

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