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"Barbara joined the Security Operations Centre (SOC) for a UAE Federal Government entity in early 2019, and I have worked closely with her since then. Barbara helped advance the maturity level of the SOC. She is a very experienced technical writer and easily and quickly recognizes nuances. Barbara frequently engaged with the SOC security analysts to identify gaps in documentation or process, and then worked with the SOC manager to address these issues. The SOC leadership team benefited from her strategic perspective and project intelligence."

SOC Manager, Digital14

"Barbara is an extraordinarily good writer with exceptional organizational skills. She produced rock-solid results for every documentation effort that she supported at Trend Micro. Beyond her successful documentation projects, Barbara also made a lasting impact on the team through her support of team infrastructure and development initiatives. I strongly recommend Barbara as a technical writer who always delivers on her promises and who will exceed your expectations for professional technical documents."

Aron Danburg, Manager, Documentation and Print Design Team, Trend Micro

"Barbara’s clear and direct writing and editing gave us two crisp, accessible documents for our website and print readers. Her flexible and creative approach was central to this project’s successful completion."

Ramona Scott, Manager, Agricultural Programs, The Land Conservancy of BC

"Having sat on the Vancouver Foundation’s Health and Social Development Committee for six years, and on Vancity’s Envirofund Grant Selection Committee, and reviewed hundreds of applications (and wrote almost as many), I must say this project final report is one of the clearest and most thorough I have seen. Excellent work. And Barbara is a pleasure to work with."

Herb Barbolet, Associate, Food Security and Sustainable Community Development, Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Simon Fraser University

"My respect for Barbara’s superior writing, group process, and information management skills grew as she led the development of the Food Charter toward its unanimous adoption by Vancouver’s Mayor and Council. Her attentiveness, thoroughness, and professionalism ensured that the final version articulated both our community’s and the City’s visions."

Carole Christopher, (past) Chair, Vancouver Food Policy Council

"I give Barbara a draft, she gives me back a newsletter – attractive, well-organized, and error-free. Her grounded and good-humoured approach make her a valuable member of my communications team."

Isabel Rigolet, Manager, Pension and Benefits, Carpentry Workers’ Benefit and Pension Plans of BC

"I depend on Barbara’s ability to develop comprehensive, complete contracts and agreements, and on her guidance and advice when we apply and maintain them. She knows how to cut right to the heart of a matter with a simple question or comment."

Heather Pritchard, Executive Director, FarmFolk/CityFolk

Since 1995, Barbara Joughin has produced a wide range of documentation products for many organizations, including:

Digital14, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tesla Motors, Fremont, California
Trend Micro, Taipei, Taiwan
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
Vancouver Food Policy Council
FarmFolk CityFolk
Carpentry Workers Benefits and Pension Plans
OceanWorks Canada
Vancouver Police Department
City of Vancouver, Board of Parks and Recreation
The Communities Institute of BC
Yukon College


(2013-15) Trend Micro

Deep Discovery Inspector: 3.8/3.8 SP1 Documentation sets
– documentation project management, information architecture, write

(2006-11) Vancouver Food Policy Council

Food Secure Vancouver Study, final report: How Food Secure is Vancouver in a Changing World? 2010
PDF 2MB – project design and management, data analysis, information architecture, write
Vancouver Food Charter PDF 289 KB – write

(2009) FarmFolk CityFolk / The Land Conservancy of BC

Local Government Toolkit PDF 2.9 MB – edit, layout
Whole Farm Plan Guide PDF 2.2 MB – write, edit, layout

(2008-09) Carpentry Workers Benefits and Pension Plans

Our Plans newsletter Summer 2009 PDF 710 KB – edit, layout, print

(2007-08) OceanWorks Canada, Submarine Rescue System

Control Van Electrical Power System Maintenance Manual
PDF 181 KB – write, edit
Control Van Navigation System Maintenance Manual
PDF 288 KB – write, edit

(1999-2003) Project Watershed Society, State of the Sound GIS Project

Phase 2 – Data Analysis and Interpretation
PDF 524 KB – project design and management, write
Methodology Manual PDF 270 KB – project design and management, write