About AAA WordSmith

AAA WordSmith is a documentation services company directed by Barbara Joughin.

Barbara writes and edits a full range of business and technical material, and has extensive experience recording group process.

She excels at making complex topics easy to read and understand.

To meet your information requirements, Barbara occasionally collaborates with other documentation specialists to bring the full power of a professional team to your project.

Contact Barbara to discuss your documentation needs. She'll review your project, suggest advice, and give you a project estimate.


We celebrate the beauty and power of language as an expression of excellence and a tool for communication and connection. AAA WordSmith creates accessible and accurate information products for people who use words to communicate, collaborate, and create.

Our services include:

  • Documentation project management
  • Business and technical writing and editing
  • Document layout and production
  • Recording and information processing

About Barbara Joughin

Barbara is a professional writer who draws on over 20 years experience in composing, editing, and producing documents with businesses, industry, government, and non-profit organizations. She has collaborated in and led diverse community education and development initiatives for over 25 years. Barbara Joughin

In 2007, Barbara launched her business, AAA WordSmith to focus on what she does best. Writing and organizing information allow her to combine her lifelong curiosity about how-things-work with her love of language and life – in the art of wordsmithing.

In her professional life before AAA WordSmith, Barbara:

  • wrote, edited, and published information in diverse formats (articles, evaluations, manuals, newsletters, policies, proposals, reports, web pages, more)
  • facilitated broad-based partnerships and working groups (business, government, community)
  • coordinated projects; managed programs
  • designed and delivered events, conferences, workshops
  • performed office administration, human resources, bookkeeping, and public service duties

Barbara is a trained technical communicator, certified electronic communications technician, and chef.

Please contact Barbara to learn more about how her past professional experiences will ensure the successful completion of your documentation project.